Tiny Ten 5 Roundup

Tiny Ten Roundup

Incredible times, a surprising amount of runners, amazing viewers, somewhat decent commentators: This edition of the Tiny Ten had it all! As the original organiser of this event (it's me: Moelle) I am truly honored how the Portable Marathon evolved into the past 2 years into something not only me, but the other organisers, runners and viewers alike all look forward to with the excitement of a toddler finding a worm in the backyard.





Wait, you haven't you heard about the Tiny Ten yet? You want to know what all the fuzz is about? Don't sweat it, just have a look at this amazing video of the last edition provided to us by Feasel who hosts the event on his Speedgaming channel:

The Portable Marathon, better known today as Tiny Ten had a rough run over the years. As the main focus of it is to get people to show more interest in the very underrepresented Game Boy handheld system, the first few editions suffered from a lack of viewer and runner interest. During the second edition, two of the commentators actually had to enter the race blind themselves while commentating and restreaming just to have somewhat of a competition going on. But ever since edition three, the amount of viewers and runners have always doubled, putting a smile to my face everytime I see the turnout.

And not only the actual Game Boy speedrunning race has become bigger. The actual GB community has started to evolve into a still small (compared to more well known systems as NES and SNES) group of dedicated people that take the system very serious. We all strive to providing the most accurate information out there when it comes to speedrunning Game Boy games and newcomers are welcomed with open arms. In all honestly, even this website wouldn't exist without the silly idea of making a speedrun race consisting of ten GB games.

Even though I am currently on a little break from all things Game Boy related, I cannot wait what the future holds for not only the Tiny Ten, but the whole GB community and I'm very happy to be a part of it all. My thanks go out to all the people who help organise the race, all the runners that put a lot of effort into learning the games so they can provide us commentators and the viewers with some amazing gameplay and of course the viewers for basically watching a black & white broadcast voiced over by some idiots who perhaps shouldn't be allowed to talk in public.

I might not know what the future holds, but here's a look into the past with a video of Tiny Ten #4:

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