General info:

The idea behind the "GameBoy Monthly" is that 1 Game Boy/Game Boy Color game is featured in a monthly competition. Contestants are free to submit their fastest times on the appropriate leaderboard before the end of the deadline. Players who already have a time on a specific game must submit a new run within the given timeframe. If this run is slower than the one already on the leaderboards, make sure to contact bangerra either through his twitch page or on the gameboy-monthly discord channel. All submissions must have video proof.


At the end of the month points will be given to every entrant that month. The better your time, the more points will be awarded. The number of available points grows with the amount of entrants (6 players = 6p for 1st, 10 players = 10p for 1st, ...). You can find this leaderboard on this page.

Bonus Round:

Some games will have a small pool of Bonus Points, the rules for this will vary from game to game. A maximum of 3 points can be earned this way.

Race Showdown:

At the end of the month a race will be organised for extra points.

What do I win?

The monthly winner will get to pick 3 Game Boy/Game Boy Color games which will be put into a poll. The community will then vote which of these games will be featured as the next GameBoy Monthly. You can't win twice in a row, picks will go to 2nd place in that case.