Game Boy System Challenges

Game Boy System Challenge

There are some people that sometimes play a game boy game to have a good time and relax. There are also people who just want to go fast and beat said games as fast as humanly possible. But there is a third category of game boy players: the crazy idiots who face their darkest nightmares by trying to beat every single game that ever came out on the Game Boy handheld system.

Over the years, there have been many people who decided to dedicate their free time taking on a system challenge. Most of us are familiar with Absnerdity who does SNEStravaganza and TheMexicanRunner who takes on the NES library during Nesmania. Game Boy as usual wasn’t a very popular system to choose for doing this kind of challenge until recently. And as this website is all about the sweet Gameboy goodness, here’s a list of all streamers that are currently torturing themselves. You should definitely give these people a follow and support their cause. You can soothe their pain by sending positive thoughts straight through their chat, or make them suffer more by choosing awful games during raffles.

Keep in mind that everybody has their own set of rules for which games to play or when they consider games to beaten. Although most people on this list are doing original Game Boy, Atroz and deranged_squirrel_fighter are doing Game Boy Advance and jonathanXspidewebsia is doing Game Boy Color.

Are you interested in even more system challenges beyond the realm of Game Boy? Be sure to check out the following google doc to find an overview of most (if not all) of them. You can also check everyone's progress and goals on there.

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