We are live, baby!

Under Construction

GBrunners.com is currently still being developed further in the background. But I decided to put it online as far as I come so far anyways. This is your chance to help me get everything right. Look around the site and tell me what you think about it so far. Where can improvements be added, where doesn't the site respond as it needs to, what you would like to see added (in the future). Join our Discord server and get into direct contact with me by posting your reviews in the #website channel. Keep in mind there are still many things I know I still have to do so be sure to read this article about what is still being developed. At the moment it's more a proof of concept so bear with me. I also want to make clear this will not be a website to submit times to like speedrun.com. This is just an informative site about the Game Boy speedrun community.


Empty Pages

  • GB Monthly and GB Speedrunning Explained still need their content added. We are writing these out right now to make sure we covered all the ground

Responsiveness on Mobile Devices

  • I'm doing my best to make this site look good on all browsers and devices but if something is wrong, please let me know. It's almost impossible to check everything. That being said this is really a website that should be viewed on a desktop or even laptop device. But I do try to make it responsive as far as I can. I'm not that good (or fast) of a web developer when it comes to coding everything perfectly.

Why am I not on the streamer page?

  • The streamer page is mostly for people who play GB games A LOT of the time. Not just when you play a GB game once a year. If you think you fit the into the catagory of a real GB streamer, let me know and you will be added in the future after a thorough review.

Future plans

  • Tutorials for speedrunning Game Boy games.
  • Our header logo is just a placeholder for now.
  • Eventually user profiles but that's very far away.

Please keep your feedback constructive. Or Hammerin' Harry will come around and smack you. You have been warned!

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